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Found Funds Solutions, LLC (FFS), an A-Rated Better Business Bureau accredited company, has relationships with government agencies across the country. Our team of researchers audits these agencies’ records and searches for hard-to-find unclaimed funds that are held by the agencies but which really belong to private individuals, companies, trusts and estates.
Once we locate the funds, we work hard to find and contact the person or entity to whom the funds are owed. We then handle all aspects of the claim.
There are no up-front fees for the claimant. FFS is only paid if the claim is successful – usually a percentage of the total claim.

If no funds are collected, the claimant does not owe FFS anything.

Success Stories

Tamara McDonald – $13,707.51 Claim

Found Funds Solutions helped my 82-year-old grandmother and I retrieve money that we never knew she had. When I was contacted, I thought it was just your regular scam call. To my surprise it was all legit and before I knew it, they set me up with an agent that guided me and was with me every step of the way.

     I am a mom, a student in college and as well as full-time employed; my agent was understanding of me with homework, classes, as well as work schedule and was very patient. My agent was very professional, he kept me updated on the process and took the time to explain anything l didn’t understand.

     Even through the events we are experiencing in today’s world, Quentin and his company continued to help move the process along as quickly as possible, making us feel valued and a priority.  I thank them for all their service and patience with collecting these funds that we weren’t even aware of.

Karen Q – $61,223.48 Claim

Quentin English of Found Funds Solutions LLC is, first of all, a very accomplished professional. He contacted me with regard to a claim for my brother, reaching out to contact him through me. Quentin handled that matter with great poise and diplomacy. He clearly has the interest of his clients and their families at heart.
     I took the opportunity to ask his assistance with a claim another family member had asked me to investigate. Quentin readily took it on, did a fair amount of investigation to determine if the claim was worth pursuing.
     It became apparent to me that he is quite skilled at his work.
     Not only is Quentin quite skilled, and professional, but also, he is intelligent, polite, and engaging. Other firms have contacted me about my brother’s claim, and were “pushy” and even irritating. My entire experience with Quentin English was positive.
     I would recommend Found Funds Solutions LLC to anyone who needs a claim investigated. Quentin is professional, courteous, polite, skilled, and a delightful person to deal with. I certainly very much appreciate his assistance.

Jeff White – $47,130 Claim

When Found Funds Solutions LLC first reached out to me to tell me that my firm was owed money, I was a little skeptical, but they truly delivered. They were professional and courteous to deal with and they kept us informed each step of the way. As promised, they never asked us for any money up front and only received a fee once our claim was paid. I wish I got more calls like the one from Found Funds Solutions LLC!

Priscilla Eboji – $19,090.66 Claim

It all began with a phone call from my brother Mesack saying that he had been contacted by someone named Quentin English of Found Funds Solutions who claimed to have information about unclaimed funds owed to our late brother’s estate. I had reservations since I didn’t know this person. After doing some research, Mesack was convinced Found Funds Solutions was genuine and it was worth giving it a try.
     We were impressed by the amount of effort that It turned out Quentin had put into finding me. In our first conversation he introduced himself, acknowledged our deep loss and then gave details about his company and the discovery of my late brother’s unclaimed funds. He proposed what he would like to do to help us claim the funds before they go to the government. Once the agreement was signed Quentin, began work straight away. We faced numerous challenges along the way which could have easily interrupted the flow and pace of our claim, however, Quentin persisted and kept it going by providing support and facilitating the process which at times wasn’t easy. Quentin nevertheless less was around all the time to answer any questions we had. Quentin is masterful and very good at what he does. It is also clear to us that he genuinely cared about recovering the funds for the benefit of my late brother’s daughter.

What are Unclaimed Funds?

There are billions of dollars of Unclaimed Funds held by government agencies. They can come from many sources – for example: forgotten apartment or utility security deposits, forgotten bank and retirement accounts, uncashed checks, insurance claims or refunds, class action suits, trust funds and probate, tax refunds and escrow accounts.
Banks and other businesses are required to turn unclaimed money like this over to the states and national government for safekeeping.
See the Found Funds Solutions Facebook and LinkedIn pages for links to lots of articles about Unclaimed Funds from reputable news outlets.

Claim Funds Now!

You can hunt down Unclaimed Funds for yourself, your family and friends RIGHT NOW!
Be sure to check in any state in which you have lived.

NOTE: While you will likely find some Unclaimed Funds via the state sites, not all unclaimed funds are listed there. It is the harder to find Unclaimed Funds that the Found Funds Solutions expert researchers focus on.

Receive a call or letter from us?


If you received a letter or call from us, then it means that we have found funds that we believe belong to you!
CALL US NOW on (888) 742-9280 to find out more.
Please don’t delay because..
If you’re feeling skeptical or uncertain if there really is such a thing as “unclaimed Funds” check out our Found Funds Solutions Facebook and LinkedIn pages for links to lots of news articles from reputable newspapers about Unclaimed Funds.
If you fear that this may be some kind of scam, you should rest reassured that we will never ask you for any up-front fees. FFS takes on any up-front legal costs and is only paid if your claim is successful – usually a percentage of the total claim. We can provide further credentials and references once you contact us.

Found Funds Solutions, LLC comprises a team of expert researchers and a network for attorneys and notaries around the country. It was founded by Quentin English who brings over 20 years of business experience to Found Funds Solutions. He has held senior positions at Citibank, The Walt Disney Company and has run a number or start-ups. In addition, he has consulted to American Express, Sears, Federated Stores, Staples, McDonalds, Coca Cola, L’Oréal, Club Med, Philips and Nestlé.
In his spare time, Quentin runs the values-based online community ‘Quentin’s Friends’  (founded in 2000).
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Martin Sterling, Claims Director. After beginning his career as a video producer and editor, Martin transitioned into finance, real estate and insurance where he found his passion: advocating for consumers – whether it be finding them the best mortgage deal (as a Licensed Mortgage Broker) or ensuring that more than 3,000 families enjoyed optimal insurance protection as an award winning Live & Health Insurance Broker and author on the subject. The transition to FFS where he and his team connect people with money they are owed (but don’t know about) was thus, a natural and enjoyable transition for Martin.
In his spare time, Martin enjoys archery and martial arts. He is also an avid supporter of World Vision, Children.org and a volunteer at New York Cares, where he reads to underprivileged children.
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